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The National Center for Wellness (NCW) and members of the Epigenetic Wellness Symposium are collaborating on The Childbirth Summit and the Natural Childbirth Initiative.



The Childbirth Summit:  October 1-21, 2013


The NCW is excited to host a virtual event called “The Childbirth Summit” where 21 Experts Reveal Their Stories And Insights For A Natural, Safe & More Comfortable Delivery!!


We are compiling a panel of doctors, childbirth specialists, authors, celebrities and remarkable moms to provide their perspective and expertise on childbirth. 






The goal and mission of the summit is to generate meaningful conversation regarding the trend of interventions routinely disrupting the normal childbirth process and the genetic implications those interventions pose to our future generations.


If you are interested in applying to be a panelist for the summit and joining other leaders in the natural childbirth arena, please click advisors link below and complete the form.


If you are interested in virtually attending the summit October 1 – 21 2013,   

National Center for Wellness Childbirth Summit


Natrual Child Birth Is Vital For a Healthy Child

Save the date! 

The Goal. 

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