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While in the planning stages, many researchers, doctors, childbirth specialists and authors have expressed an interest in convening to generate a persuasive argument for and discussion about the effects of a wellness lifestyle not only on a person’s genetic expression, but of the genetic expression of their offspring as well. 


[Salamanders, whom endure a sudden geological event capable of permanently swamping their formerly dry environment, produce (within 7 generations) salamander offspring that develop adaptationally beneficial phenotypic changes such as webbed toes, narrower faces and wider eye placement.]


Similar patterns of gene expression are influenced by our environments and the patterns and procedures we employ.  Consider the effect of 7 generations of women all experiencing Cesarean births, and the resulting change to the elastic tissue and hormone cascades of the reproductive system.


Through poster presentations, lectures, group break-out discussions and hypothesis proposals, a schedule of lectures and breakout sessions will be established. More importantly, the inheritable impact of gene expression not just on the next generation, but on all generations from lifestyle, and the positive remodeling wellness lifestyle impart to the reproductive, immune, endocrine, digestive, etc. tissues of the body, and offspring.


If you are interested in attending the Epigenetic Symposium, please click here.  

The Epigenetic Wellness Symposium

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