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Educational Services

The NCW is proud to offer Educational Wellness Seminars designed to be presented at any work place, school, or community event.  Whether it is professional development, a health fair, or a wellness day at school, the seminars are designed to present to any group size and any group age since wellness concepts are universal.  Contact us for more information!


5 F.E.A.T.S.


Everyone should live with the goal and purpose of incorporating the 5 F.E.A.T.S. into everyday life.  The 5 F.E.A.T.S. are the 5 essential ingredients to a long, happy, healthy life.  Everyone knows a 50-year-old who is 70 and a 70-year-old who is 50.  You can't change a calendar, but you can impact how OLD you are.  Old is a function of lifestyle "wear-n-tear" and we absolutely accelerate aging by living a "rockstar lifestyle".  


Amazingly, we also have the capacity to slow aging, or stay young by living the 5 F.E.A.T.S. everyday.  Ultimately, the purpose of this seminar is to empower the audience to life a richer life, appreciate vitality and live with the intent and purpose of spending the last years of your life in your home, and not a home.  That difference is HUGE!!


The 5 F.E.A.T.S. power point (with speaker notes) is designed for group or individual presentations.



Offer these presentations at your next event!


The 5 F.E.A.T.S. presentation is available for $39.00  This includes the power point, presenter notes, and audience handouts.  










Halescence- Back Office


Halescence transforms Doctor’s offices into Hale Centers.  Hale Centers are efficient offices servicing a greater good. Instead of focusing on the paperwork and sweating the details of running a business, doctors and their teams can focus on improving patient care, outcomes & assessments.


The Halescence Back Office was built to streamline the business back office and help make practice perfect.  


The Back Office is built to operate either as: 


1.  A structurally sound set of office manuals and procedures, or

2.  A powerful support team of specialists capable of assisting or handling patient flow, charting, billing and/or collections. 


The manuals cover the 5 main aspects of Running a Practice:

Marketing, New Patient Process, Charting, Notes, and Billing & Collections


The Support Team is specially trained to assist offices with one to all five zones of the back office system.


Halescence empowers doctors to improve patient care outcomes & lifestyle recommendations,

transforming Healthcare into Halescent Care!


Halescent patients are empowered to live richer, fuller loves with the ultimate goal of living the last years of their lives in their homes, not a home- and that difference is huge!


For more information- Click the Halescence link!



Halescence manuals are each $39.00/month for 12 months or

$195/month for 12 months for all 5 manuals



Halescence Back Office Specialist are each $390.00/month for 12 months or

$1,950/month for 12 months for all 5 specialists



Contact Rob Coombs at for more details on purchasing and using this educational material for your employees.

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