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Dr. Rob Coombs Founder & CEO




Dr. Rob Coombs graduated from Life University in 1999 with a Doctorate of Chiropractic and has been in private practice ever since.  In his chiropractic office, he has had the opportunity to work with professional athletes, Kenyon marathoners, high school heroes, weekend warriors, minivan moms, pregnant patients, children, infants and the most senior of citizens.


Dr. Rob maintains an advanced certification in the Webster Breech Turning Technique with a 94% success rate and he focuses a large percentage of the practice to helping pregnant women achieve healthier, natural childbirths. 


Dr. Rob’s mission is to help raise awareness and champion research to better understand the value and critical importance of the natural birth process on the normal function and natural development of every organ system.  If our healthcare system were truly patient based, we would establish and ensure a critical chiropractic spinal evaluation for every infant in every birth center immediately after delivery as part of a routine assessment protocol.


He is also advanced certified in Active Release Technique which is the gold standard in a soft tissue treatment.  A.R.T. helps restore normal function to abnormal joint mechanics which directly improves posture, gait, flexibility, performance and recovery from athletics, injuries and everyday life.


Why did Dr. Rob start the National Center for Wellness (answered by Dr. Rob)

The National Center for Wellness is the sum total of all the ideals I have ever valued and supported.  From every organization I have passionately supported, every cause I have financially endorsed, every premise I have resonated with personally and professionally all share common tenants with the NCW


Literally, every fiber within me stirs with a passion I can’t quite explain.  I didn’t sit down one day and decide that I wanted to start a non-profit.  Truthfully, it started itself.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with this incredible urge to write and get an idea out of my head.  The thoughts and ideas would come streaming out and I would re-read it keenly aware that it sounded better and was more thought provoking than anything I had ever personally written. 


The very premise of the NCW is rooted in logic I can’t deny.  The mission is noble and the goals are audacious.  Yet what excites me most are the chills I get when I think about the possibilities of truly creating lasting change.  The Healthcare Solution®, Hale Awards®, F.E.A.T.S.® and WellCore Curriculum© all provide meaningful solutions for the epidemics crippling America.  All offer a means to restore the American Way and all require less money to provide better results.


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